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Global Advantage Consulting provides strategic innovation and policy analysis and advice. Our unique data visualization techniques allow us to take complex data and transform it into ecosystem maps for strategic decision-making. The end result is insightful analysis and dynamic presentations that help you navigate your environment, and accelerate your organization towards its goals.


Dancing Data

We can make your data dance.

With the advent of more complex and abundant data coupled with less time and attention to absorbing information, Global Advantage is animating data sets that make an impact.

Almost all of our projects are completed with a final briefing deck to accompany an ecosystem map. In many cases, we are including data animations of keys data points that are integral to the discussion. We call these animations ‘Dancing Data’.

Project Updates, News, Events and More

Aligning Science and Policy in Canada

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In early 2016 a study of the beliefs and perceptions of people in Ontario found that while 42% believe themselves to be science literate, 19% believe that Narnia is a real place. … That last bit probably gave you pause. Most likely, you’d say that was ridiculous, and rightly so.…

Energy Transition: Is Canada Up To The Task?

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On January 23rd, Omer Kaya and Kristen Allen attended the Positive Energy Public Panel at the University of Ottawa. Senior government officials and industry leaders addressed issues pertaining to energy transition. Below are their thoughts on topics discussed during the event. Our current way of life is not sustainable. Change…

Dancing Data

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With the rise of Industry 4.0, IOT, social media, and big data, rich amounts of complex data are constantly being produced, collected and examined everywhere. Every day we are challenged to find effective ways of interpreting and delivering the messages that are hidden within the data we acquire. Global Advantage…