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Canada’s R&D Innovation Ecosystem Map 2019

Crisp new design – Federal and Provincial Budget 2019 updated – Resource links

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Strategic Ecosystem Maps

Get the big picture with a bird’s-eye view of your organization, sector, region or country.

In one view, see quality big data research and analysis mapped to illustrate your environment, with the major stakeholders and the connecting flows of resources between them.

Zoom into greater relevant detail with data visualizations and clickable links to further information resources.

Global Advantage helped us sharpen our understanding of the Oil and Gas innovation ecosystem, better equipping us to tackle the challenges our industry is facing. Further, they provided the Clean Resource Innovation Network’s major stakeholders with an excellent presentation explaining how to use the map and offering us recommendations on how to move forward.

Joy RomeroChair of CRIN

Global Advantage provided us with key insights into risks and opportunities in the Ontario Genomics R&D ecosystem through their mapping and analysis, a critical input into our new strategic plan. Their presentation to Ontario Genomic’s board sparked engaged discussions and provided the perfect backdrop for our strategic retreat.

Bettina HamelinPresident and CEO of Ontario Genomics

Global Advantage provided us with invaluable recommendations on strategic direction and future reorienting of our organization. They knowledgeably examined the governance, management, cultural, and product/service delivery changes that would be needed for us to advance. Their insights helped us secure long-term funding for critical research infrastructure for Canada.

Gord HarlingPresident and CEO of CMC Microsystems

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