Our Process

Our Process

Changes and issues often affect more parties than those that are initially recognized. As such, they should be viewed with the interests of all shareholders. Global Advantage Consulting identifies and analyzes key public, private, not for profit, academic institutions and resources in an environment, then transforms this data into simple, comprehensible visuals depicting the relations between stakeholders, flows of people, money, information, and materials in the environment through our unique ecosystem mapping technique. This allows for a deeper understanding of environments ensuring that decisions and strategic plans can be made with all effects and consequences in clear view. We can provide consulting and coaching to help you understand the depth of information and how to use it in advancing towards your goals.

Depending on client needs, we can analyze an ecosystem at four different levels of granularity, including:

National Innovation Systems

Examples include: Canada, Germany, Japan, Israel, China, Brazil, India, U.S.

2018 Canada Innovation Ecosystem Map

Regional/Municipal Innovation Systems

Examples include: Kitchener-Waterloo, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, New Brunswick, Alberta

Southen Ontario 2015

Sectoral Maps

Examples include: the Oil and Gas sector, Canada’s Clean Technology Ecosystem, the Canadian Bioeconomy, the Canadian Digital Media, Canada’s Nanotechnology Ecosystem, Canada’s Regenerative Medicine, Canada’s Health Innovation System, Canada’s Energy Innovation Sector, Canada’s Forestry Innovation Sector and Canada’s Minerals and Metals Innovation Sector.

Oil & Gas Map Final

Organizational Maps

Examples include: the University of Toronto Innovation Ecosystem, the MaRS Innovation Ecosystem, Canadian Oil Sands Innovation Association Ecosystem (COSIA), the Canadian Business Network (CBN), ReMap (Canada’s advanced manufacturing Centre of Excellence), Public-Private Partnerships Canada, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the National Research Council of Canada, the Institute of Fuel Cell Innovation, the Council of Canadian Academies (CCA), CMC Microsystems Corporation, and Genome Canada.

MaRS Innovation Ecosystem Map
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