Economic and Innovation Analysis

Does your organization need better results? With over 450 projects to-date, Global Advantage is an established thought leader in strategic growth, innovation, and performance metrics focusing on:

  1. Designing effective organization and governance structures
  2. Analyzing organizational processes and performance effectiveness
  3. Fact finding, data mining, analysis, and advice
  4. Designing, conducting and assessing online surveys
  5. Designing organizational performance measurement systems

Our approach can include designing and implementing a framework to monitor the ongoing operations and establishing metrics to achieve organizational objectives. Global Advantage’s consulting methodology applies three principles and answers three key questions.

  1. Diagnosis:Where are you today?
  2. Prescription:Where do you want to be tomorrow?
  3. Implementation:How could you get there?

Our systematic analysis can be applied to a variety of areas including:

  1. Innovation
  2. Research, Development, and Commercialization
  3. Economic and Technology Clusters
  4. Economic Development
  5. Science and Technology Policy
  6. Government Budget Analysis
  7. Government Innovation Support Programs
  8. Organizational and Program Design and Restructuring
  9. Energy and Climate Change policy
  10. Health Care System Redesign Technology Road Mapping
  11. Industrial Sectoral Analysis (Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Forest Sector,Minerals and Metals, Energy and Clean Technology, etc.)