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Ecosystem Maps and Decks

Get the big picture with a bird’s-eye view of your organization, sector, region or country.

In one view, see big data research and analysis mapped to illustrate your environment, with the major stakeholders involved and the connecting flows of resources between them. Zoom into greater relevant detail on our digital maps, with data visualizations and clickable links to the original information sources.

Our maps help organizations pinpoint their position in the ecosystem, understand the interactions of major stakeholders, illustrate their contributions to the ecosystem, and ultimately identify opportunities and risks in the ecosystem to form the backbone of evidence-based strategy.

Our decks distill the map of complex information down to the most essential and relevant advice for your organization’s purposes.  Excellent for strategy and decision making or communicating evidence when seeking funding, our decks are well-known for their clean layout and fresh graphic design elements that facilitate successful communication.

Federal Government
Federal Government
Granting Council
Higher Education
Provincial Government
Linking Organizations
Private Sector
Global Markets
Results and Outcomes
Money Flow (Green Arrows)
People Flows (Red Arrows)
Material Flows (Blue Arrows)
Information Flows (Yellow Arrows)

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