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Energy, Oil, Gas and Mining

Canada’s is the world’s six-largest producer of energy. The sector is a primary industry, active in 12 or 13 provinces, and territories, providing 10% of nominal GDP, and directly employing more than 282,000 people in 2019.   

However, the sector is responsible for a quarter of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions (2019). The Federal Government, setting a target to reach Net Zero emissions by 2050, has announced approximately $300 M over five years to support R&D in clean energy and clean fuels, such as carbon, capture, utilization and storage and a new Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy.  

Canada’s upstream and downstream producers in energy, minerals and metals are primed to make the adaptations necessary to compete in a global economy with advancements in digital and green technologies. The energy, oil, gas and mining sectors have the skills, experience, and resources to undertake significant innovation and development, and can benefit from strong collaboration between governments, academia, and private sector networks.  

Global Advantage’s experts can help you determine how to demonstrate results, display high growth and high potential, illustrate the vision of your organization, and identify global risks and opportunities in the energy, oil, gas and mining sector. 

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