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GACG Welcomes New Co-op Student

By 05/05/2020May 12th, 2020No Comments

Global Advantage Consulting Group would like to welcome summer co-op student Kathy Kavanagh in joining our team.

Kathy is a research analyst and joins us from the University of Ottawa’s Master’s course in Public and International Affairs. She comes from the UK but has travelled widely and formerly worked as a mineral exploration geologist in Africa and South America. She also has experience as an adviser to government and of project development and execution for consulting companies. Her current interests lie in international affairs, particularly in international development and the challenges faced by fragile states.

Kathy has degrees in Classics from the University of Oxford and in Geology from Rhodes University in South Africa, as well as a Master’s in Library and Information Studies from Loughborough University.

Students receive valuable experience

For many years, GACG has employed co-op students from institutions of higher learning across Canada. We hire high quality talent to contribute to the creation of our ecosystem maps with up-to-date knowledge and skills who offer new perspectives and fresh ideas.  As a result, the ecosystem maps we build are innovative, packed with well-sourced pertinent data and organized in a system that allows for easy comprehension and strategic planning for our clients.

We take pride in providing an excellent work learning experience for our co-op students.  The paid positions allow students to hone the skills that have made them academically successful; software training and exposure to our analytical processes provide students with new skills and valuable experience.  We invest in our students by sending them to project-relevant conferences and seminars, with the opportunity for networking and furthering their knowledge.  Lastly, as frequently noted by previous coop employees in end-of-term surveys, students enjoy working at Global Advantage because of the positive work environment where ideas are valued and collaboration is encouraged.  We feel we learn as much from our students as we believe they learn from us.

Find out more about the Global Advantage Consulting Group team and the expertise we offer to benefit the student learning experience here.