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GACG Welcomes Two New Summer Interns

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Global Advantage Consulting Group’s Summer 2020 students, Mahan and Michael-Douglas.

Global Advantage Consulting Group is excited to welcome our two new summer interns in research and policy analysis, Mahan Azimi and Michael Rowell.

Mahan is a policy research analyst who recently finished his Master’s Degree in Political Science from York University and holds a BA from the University of Toronto. He joins us with experience as an editor and policy consultant for a Startup online media firm, a sales manager for a global tech company, and an avid volunteer with the kidney foundation of Canada. 

His interests lie in expanding affordable housing, finding nimble strategies to overcome policy challenges in the wake of COVID-19, and developing agile practices for the future of public service in Canada. 

With previous experience in private sector project management and research, Michael is joining us as an economic research analyst. He recently returned from London, England, where he completed his Master’s in Global Politics from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Before LSE, Michael completed his Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science and History from McGill University. His academic specializations have included twentieth-century political history, international economic cooperation, and multilateral trade policy. 

He is passionate about electoral behaviour, foreign policy, and how formal and informal institutions can facilitate tyrannical power dynamics in developing states.  

Michael and Mahan are excited to work alongside Global Advantage’s diverse team of professionals to gain valuable insights and contribute to dynamic consulting solutions.  

Students receive valuable experience

For many years, GACG has employed co-op students from institutions of higher learning across Canada. We hire high quality talent to contribute to the creation of our ecosystem maps with up-to-date knowledge and skills who offer new perspectives and fresh ideas.  As a result, the ecosystem maps we build are innovative, packed with well-sourced pertinent data and organized in a system that allows for easy comprehension and strategic planning for our clients.

 Find out more about the Global Advantage Consulting Group team and the expertise we offer to benefit the student learning experience here.