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Global Advantage welcomes summer student data analyst

By 10/06/2020No Comments

summer-studentGlobal Advantage Consulting Group welcomes Melanie, who is joining the team as a summer student data analyst.

Melanie has previous experience as a wellness educator and writing consultant for the University of Guelph, a marketing assistant for the Town of Bradford, and a data dissemination assistant for Statistics Canada.

She recently completed a BA in Psychology and Certificate in Public Policy and Administration at the University of Guelph, and she will be starting a Master of Public Health in Guelph this fall.

She is interested in using knowledge translation tools to disseminate health research and developing programs and policies that promote public health. Melanie is excited about the opportunity to work with Global Advantage Consulting Group and learn how large amounts of data are distilled into ecosystem maps that form a cohesive narrative.

Students receive valuable experience

For many years, GACG has employed co-op students from institutions of higher learning across Canada. We hire high quality talent to contribute to the creation of our ecosystem maps with up-to-date knowledge and skills who offer new perspectives and fresh ideas. As a result, the ecosystem maps we build are innovative, packed with well-sourced pertinent data and organized in a system that allows for easy comprehension and strategic planning for our clients.

Find out more about the Global Advantage Consulting Group team and the expertise we offer to benefit the student learning experience here.