Decoding Budget 2022 For Science and Innovation: “Pulp Fiction or Atonement?”​


Canadian policymakers have long told themselves that we are a nation of innovators. But is this true, or a pulp fiction to make us feel grander than our actual place in the global research and development (R&D) context?

“Decoding Budget 2022 for Science and Innovation: ‘Pulp Fiction or Atonement?’” is a 65-slide comprehensive visual analysis of Canada’s current state of R&D/Innovation (RDI) and the impact of Federal Budget 2022 on the wider Canadian RDI Ecosystem.

Taking the first steps towards transitioning to a clean economy, that means three things: reducing greenhouse gas emissions, growing Canada’s GDP, and managing the context of an increasingly hostile world.

With this deck, you will be able to identify the challenges faced by Canada’s RDI ecosystem, expose the myths and learn arguments for improving our global standing in R&D performance while receiving an analysis of the Budget’s impact on the Government, Higher Education Institutions (Universities and Colleges), the Business Sector, and Global Markets. This deck will also pinpoint potential risks and opportunities for your organization.