Pre-Order Canada’s R&D Innovation Ecosystem Map 2024


Pre-order this ecosystem map to be released after Budget 2024, the estimated completion date is the end of May 2024.

Updated for 2024, This ecosystem map visually represents key stakeholders in Canada’s R&D/innovation ecosystem, their connections, and the flows of money, people, information and materials between them. Get insight into how these stakeholders are impacted by the new Budget announcements and where the opportunities are for your organization.

We identify all the stakeholders and stakeholder groups in Canada’s RD/I ecosystem, their activities, programs they lead, administer or participate in, as well as the flows of capital, people, information, and materials between them. Stakeholder groups identified include:  

  • Federal, provincial and territorial governments  
  • Federal granting councils 
  • Not-for-profit organizations 
  • Higher education institutions
  • Private sector
  • Household sector
  • Global markets

This updated R&D/Innovation Ecosystem map assists our team in providing tailored briefings to various public and private organizations. These customized briefings include an overview of the R&D/innovation system and its main components, a focused discussion on their area of interest, critical highlights brought to light through the input-output framework, and finally, issues specific to your organization/department. 

Digitally access this map, complete with links to data resources, with a 1-year subscription.

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