Pre-Order Custom Budget 2024 Briefing Deck Package


In May 2024, prepare to immerse yourself in the future of Canada’s Research & Development (R&D) and Innovation landscape with our 2024 Custom Budget Briefing. Crafted specifically for your organization, this personalized visual analysis offers an unparalleled exploration of Canada’s innovation state and the profound impact anticipated from Federal Budget 2024.

What’s Included in Your Briefing?

Designed to last over 30 minutes, this custom briefing will act as your navigator through the evolving intricacies of Canada’s RDI ecosystem following the introduction of the 2024 Federal Budget. Your package features:

  • Tailored Analysis: A bespoke briefing on how Budget 2024 will influence Canada’s R&D/Innovation Ecosystem, specifically aligned with the interests and needs of your organization.
  • Exclusive Digital Access: 1-Year premium access to Canada’s R&D Innovation Ecosystem Map 2024, offering a comprehensive view of the current landscape.
  • Standard Deck Access: Exclusive entry to Canada’s R&D Innovation Briefing standard deck for 2024.
  • Instant Review of Previous Insights: Immediate access to the Budget 2023 and the Canadian Research, Development, and Innovation Ecosystem Presentation to provide context and groundwork for the 2024 insights.
  • Early Access to the 2024 Deck: Be among the first to explore the 2024 Budget Presentation Deck in May 2024, featuring:
    • In-depth Sector Analysis: Delve into the detailed implications of Budget 2024 across key sectors including Government, Higher Education Institutions, the Business Sector, and their global market integration.
    • Challenge Identification: Identify and understand the significant challenges limiting the advancement of Canada’s RDI, with insights aimed at addressing these core issues.
    • Myth vs. Reality: Debunk the myths surrounding Canada’s RDI scene and arm yourself with factual arguments to advocate for significant R&D performance improvements.
    • Strategic Insights: Gain valuable insights into positioning Canada more prominently on the global R&D stage, with strategies for future success.
    • Risk and Opportunity Mapping: Forecast potential risks and uncover opportunities presented by Budget 2024, crafting strategies for sustainable growth.

Who Should Pre-Order?

This briefing is indispensable for:

  • Government Officials and Policymakers
  • R&D Managers and Corporate Executives
  • Academia and Researchers from Universities and Colleges
  • Innovation and Strategy Consultants
  • Non-Profit Organizations with a focus on R&D
  • Anyone invested in understanding and shaping the future of Canadian R&D and innovation policy.

Why Pre-Order?

  • Be Prepared: Equip yourself with foresight to strategically align your organization with the upcoming federal budget changes.
  • Stay Ahead: Maintain an informed stance on the latest developments, challenges, and opportunities within Canada’s RDI ecosystem.
  • Lead Boldly: Empower yourself with the essential knowledge to drive conversations, influence policy decisions, and spearhead innovation efforts in your field.

Secure your spot at the forefront of innovation and policy adaptation. Pre-order your 2024 Custom Budget Briefing today and set the stage for informed decision-making and strategic advancement.