Understanding Municipal Digital Assets in the Age of Smart Communities (2021)


Global Advantage’s Briefing Deck, “Understanding Municipal Digital Assets in the Age of Smart Communities”, paints a picture of the pervasive domestic and global challenges facing cities, and the “smart” trends and strategies that will leverage the power of data, empower sustainability, deliver safe and reliable services, and drive economic growth community-wide.

The Briefing Deck answers the following questions:

  • What are the pervasive challenges facing cities?
  • What is a smart community?
  • Why should we care about smart solutions?
  • What is a digital asset and why are they valuable?
  • Who owns and governs digital assets in Canada?
  • How is data a municipal asset, and how can it be applied in a municipal context?
  • What Smart Communities policies have other jurisdictions put in place?
  • How to develop a ‘Smart’ Smart Community strategy

Understand how your community can implement digital assets and technologies to improve city planning and operations and mitigate urban challenges.