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Do You Need Help Navigating the Uncertainties of a COVID-19 World?

Canada’s COVID-19 Impact Map is a strategy tool that helps you navigate uncertainties

The video below gives a detailed description of some of the highlights and key points illustrated in Canada’s COVID-19 Impact Map.


2020 continues to be a tumultuous year, both at home and abroad. We’re witnessing turmoil in markets, economies, and institutions and anxiety about the sustainability of pre-COVID business models. Now more than ever, decision-makers need timely and accurate information to support them in the tough choices necessary to guide their projects, programs, and organizations through uncertainty.

Global Advantage Consulting Group has conducted a fundamental assessment and analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on federal, provincial, and city governments, higher education institutions, not-for-profit organizations, Canadian households, the private sector and global markets. Our visual summaries at progressively more detailed levels of granularity and organized by these six key sectors of economic activity, are essential tools to help you navigate your way through uncertainty and to develop your plan to recovery.

This map allows you to position your organization within the larger ecosystem in order to better understand how you affect other stakeholders and how they impact you, and how your goals align with Canada’s national objectives.

Let our experts help you better understand the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on your resources and operations and support you as you navigate your organization towards a successful and sustainable recovery.

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1. Government

The adverse public health implications of COVID-19 necessitated the strict quarantine and social distancing measures instituted by the federal and provincial governments.

In the immediate term, quarantine forced many non-essential services to institute mass layoffs, resulting in 3 million Canadians becoming unemployed and 2.5 million working substantially reduced hours.

COVID-19 has drastically impacted the finances of all levels of government in Canada. The federal government engages in a $317 billion economic response plan to mitigate the adverse economic implications of COVID-19. In addition, provincial and municipal governments are also faced with increasing deficits, high unemployment, new health expenditures and the prospect of strict budget cuts.

Global Advantage’s COVID-19 government briefing deck analyzes the various COVID-19-related impacts and responses from federal, provincial, and municipal government perspectives. It provides a comprehensive roadmap detailing government responses to COVID-19, which can be leveraged by organisations and individuals to mitigate economic risks.

2. Private Sector

COVID-19 has caused unprecedented short-term damage to the private sector, with the loss of revenue and employment varying based on industry.

Forecasts about the future of key industries are uncertain, and depend upon the trajectory of the pandemic, the efficacy of the policy response, and the agility with which the reopening of the economy can be accomplished.

COVID-19 mitigation policies in countries around the globe caused plunging merchandise trade values, which signaled an initial breakdown in global trade and led to declining stability in supply chains.

Businesses will need to prepare for transformational changes in business practices, culture, and adhering to modified health guidelines going forward.

Global Advantage’s private sector briefing deck helps you make sense of the impacts of the pandemic on key sectors of the Canadian economy and outlines recovery strategies.

3. Higher Education

Canada’s post-secondary institutions rallied to quickly adapt teaching methods to enable students to complete winter and summer courses but, as the fall semester also moves online, they are faced with reviewing their business models for long-term sustainability.

Major questions revolve around the potential decline in revenue provided by international students, the market capacity for online and distance courses, and the likely reduction in research income. If campus education continues to be restricted and the scope of experiential courses limited, institutions will need to find new ways to promote their unique identity and reputation.

Global Advantage’s Higher Education briefing deck assesses the impacts of COVID-19 on universities and colleges and offers strategies for adaptation and recovery

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Included with each purchase is an analysis of the July 8th fiscal update on federal support for research, innovation, commercialization and economic development.

General Package

$ 3500

  • A general briefing on the 80 plus new federal programs in the Economic and Fiscal Snapshot (2020) and the overall implications of these new economy-wide investments
  • 1-year access to the digital version of Canada’s COVID-19 Impact Map (2020) with links to original data sources
  • Additional printed map copies are available for purchase upon request

Custom++ Package

$ 5500

  • A custom-designed briefing specific to your organization, looking at the risks and opportunities within the federal economic and fiscal snapshot (2020) that directly affect you, as well as an overview of the new economy-wide investments to help you understand how the landscape is changing
  • A copy of the customised briefing deck to be distributed within your organization
  • 1-year access to the digital version of the evergreen Canada’s COVID-19 Impact Map (2020) with links to original data sources
  • Additional printed map copies are available for purchase upon request

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