In The News

Boosting Science Investment

Senior Partner Cam Boulet adds comment to the Hill Times’ article by Mike Lapointe on the spending activities by the federal government and whether they are preparing Canada for positive future growth

A Canadian DARPA will need an enabling ecosystem to succeed

Senior Partner Cam Boulet provides insight into whether a DARPA-like model could be successful in Canada without an end-to-end examination of Canada’s innovation ecosystem.

Integrating Innovation Programs and Policies

Cam Boulet and Omer provide comment to Research Money on whether the 2021 Federal Budget will provide long-term economic growth for Canada -post-pandemic.

Risk Planning and Preparedness

Cam Boulet and Daniel Katz ask in Research Money if Canada’s risk planning and preparedness systems are ready to protect at Canadians from catastrophic events, such as pandemics and extreme climate change.