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Thinking of the Future: 5 Jobs to be Created by AI

By 04/07/2018December 17th, 2018No Comments

Here at Global Advantage, we’re pumped about the future of technology. The development of AI and automation will mean more jobs, and potentially new types of jobs. Freeing up time by automating repetitive tasks will breed creativity, innovation, and profits. As experts in ecosystem mapping, we are confident that a tech-positive attitude is essential to maintaining Canada’s competitiveness. Here are 5 AI-related functions we think future jobs will serve:

The Human Knowledge to Technology Knowledge Function:
As more machine-learning technologies develop, jobs for New-tech Teachers will be created to train machines in desired skills. We expect future societies to generate data at an even faster rate than today. Future AI will thus need to constantly be learning. Just as great athletes need great coaches to develop their skills, more New-tech Teachers to train AI in understanding and applying these data will be essential.

The Technology Language to Human Language Function:
The evolution of more complex AI is likely to cause a disconnect between technical specialists and business leaders. This will create a demand for ‘bilingual’ New-tech Translators who can explain AI technology in understandable terms.

The Technology Present to Technology Future Function:
All technologies eventually require maintenance and updating, no matter how complex. This means that jobs will be created for New-tech Technicians to ensure the sustainability of AI infrastructure and to keep industry running smoothly.

The Technology Effect to Human Affect Function:
As society advances to higher levels of automation, we will need to bring a human touch to the distribution of sensitive AI-generated reports. New jobs for New-tech Care Providers serving roles analogous to nurses, councilors and preschool teachers will thrive in the new economy.

The Domain-specific to Domain-general Function:
Domain-specific AI systems are likely to continue emerging long before a domain-general system does. In formulating government or business solutions, high-level leaders must integrate input from lawyers, economists, statisticians and other specific experts. Based on an analogous need, we expect the creation of jobs for New-tech Executives, who synthesize wide-ranging information from various domain-specific AI programs.

The future of technology, as we see it, is thus one of learning, communication, sustainability, compassion, and great collaborative creativity. We are excited to be a part of it!