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Clean Tech Ecosystem Map Sneak Peek

By 13/09/2016September 7th, 2018No Comments

Over the summer, two Co-op students were hired to help us develop a Clean Tech Ecosystem Map and a GHG (Green House Gas Emission) map. We felt it was wise to invest in laying out this very important and complex sector so we can begin to see the whole landscape and the challenges and opportunities ahead.

To wrap up this summer project, we hosted a ‘Sneak Peek’ of the maps with a small group of colleagues and partners. The session went very well. Collectively, we were all quite taken aback when we discussed that many of our Low Carbon Economy targets are for 2020 which is just around the corner.
20160825_091623Our two Co-op students, Nic Plitz (Sherbooke University) and Daniyel Siddigu (Ottawa U) took us on a tour of the first drafts of the Clean Tech Ecosystem Map and the GHG map focusing on provinces. Their summer colleagues, Asmaa Bayoumi and Xiaying Lan (Algonquin College), also assisted.
Our goal for the session was to have trusted colleagues and partners challenge our approach, the information, and, the presentation of the information.Some of the points of interest that inspired discussion included:

– the size and definitions of the industry,
– the complexities of this industry that are unlike any other we have examined,
– the importance of having a clearer picture of the industry so we all better understand our roles,
– access to research, and

– the design and layout of the map.

Thanks to our attendees, the students that have helped build the maps, and our host, Harry Sharma, Manager of the Canada-India Centre at Carleton University.

Please email Patti Church at if you’d like to be invited to the next session which will be a ‘Reveal’ of a more complete and updated version of the first map. We’d like to have a very wide variety of departments at this upcoming session.