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Conference Season

By 27/07/2018October 26th, 2018No Comments

The countdown is on!  One more month until the Autumn Conference Season a.k.a. one of Global Advantage’s favourite times of the year.

Conferences are invigorating and inspiring.  A room full of people with shared interests, reconnecting with old colleagues or clients, the potential to meet our next client or collaborator, the exchange of information and ideas, and the insight gained from the presentations and symposiums of policy makers and leaders in industry and academia – conferences are hotbeds for innovation and Global Advantage is innovation focused.  

Of the many conferences we will attend this Fall, I would like to mention the three most anticipated Ottawa conferences by our Global Advantage staff.

CSPC 2018
Building Bridges Between Science, Policy, and Society

Canadian Science Policy Centre (CSPC) Conference is a huge three-day event that is like a buffet for the mind.  The program is divided into several themes so, at one time, there may be many presentations by distinguished speakers to choose from.  There is really something for everyone there. Last year was especially great as Global Advantage’s president and CEO Dave Watters was moderator for one of the panels: “Celebrity Chefs: What Ingredients Make an Effective Supercluster?’  

Scaling Up Conference 2018
Competing in the Global Bioeconomy Market

When we announced to staff we would be attending the Scaling Up conference again this year, our Research Analysts were literally jumping up and down with excitement.  Less formal than other conferences, there is a greater opportunity for involvement and networking. Scaling Up offers a bigger platform to private industry, who are important to connect with but are normally crowded out by universities and government departments at other conferences.  

Additionally, Bioeconomy is a hot topic in our office with the upcoming Fall 2018 Budget Update and its predicted focus on exports.  Our interest also stems from the two Strategic Ecosystem Maps we produced for our client Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) this year on Bioeconomy and Upstream Forestry.  Finally, our interest in bioeconomy involves mapping the emerging cannabis sector.

CiCan Symposium
Accelerating Innovation Through Applied Research

The symposium hosted by Colleges and Institutes Canada (CiCan) is an event that will foster greater business, education, and social good.  The event will encourage the exchange of ideas and strategies on innovation and inclusive growth for Canada and the involvement of college and institute applied research.  An event highlight will be the “Student Innovation Showcase on the Hill” taking place at Parliament Hill in the evening when students, along with lead researchers, will have a chance to show members of parliament, senators, and other attendees their applied research projects.    

Each one of these events has its own appeal.  Please note that the listing order does not denote favourites or importance.  With every conference we attend, we hone the products and services we offer. By keeping relevant, connected and leading edge, we are able to provide the best strategic analysis and mapping to our clients.  We hope to see you there!S