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Dancing Data

By 25/01/2018September 7th, 2018No Comments

With the rise of Industry 4.0, IOT, social media, and big data, rich amounts of complex data are constantly being produced, collected and examined everywhere. Every day we are challenged to find effective ways of interpreting and delivering the messages that are hidden within the data we acquire. Global Advantage is developing a web application, called Dancing Data, that allows users to upload any data, and to generate animated data visualizations. This tool was created with the help of students from the Algonquin College’s Department of Applied Research and Innovation.  

Dancing Data tells an animated story of data over time. You can upload CSV or Excel files using standard data formatting methods, and visualize this data. using a range graph formats, including animated bubble graphs, line graphs, cluster maps and bar graphs. After selecting the type of visualization, you can customize the layout to best display the information for your clients and stakeholders , using controls to manipulate and adjust the settings of the visualization to emphasize certain components of the data. The visualizations ultimately allow you to better perceive and understand the stories that are hidden throughout the data, and make better decisions based on analysis.

With Dancing Data, you can enjoy exploring a more dynamic method of communicating your data. Dancing Data allows you to better understand and engage in your data, beyond the two dimensional, static, or text formatted information we are so often presented with.

Contact Global Advantage for more information or to request a demo, and let us show you how to take your data presentations to the next level.