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Data capture through mapping

By 26/10/2018October 31st, 2018No Comments


Data is expanding at an exponential rate. How do you capture it so you can see how it connects to your organization’s objectives and performance?  This is a common and overwhelming problem for businesses, associations and government bodies alike –  there is simply too much data and information to understand and to manage!

Can your organization identify and compare the patterns in both qualitative and quantitative information from multiple sources, and determine what trends in the data mean for your organization, and then develop an action plan to advance your organization’s objectives?  In short, how do you capture, condense, clarify, and communicate data into a presentable and comprehensible format for decision making?

One effective solution to this problem of information overload is to delegate the research, analysis, visualization, and data presentation, to the visualization and mapping professionals at the Global Advantage Consulting Group. Our team can work alongside yours in a collaborative process to design and create comprehensive maps of key data, in order to identify the key risks and opportunities to improve your organization’s performance.

Let us work with you to summarize and map your key data sets onto a clear performance map that illustrates the risks you need to manage and the opportunities you may want to grow. We can work with you to design and develop the following types of maps:

Strategic Map Skills Map Capabilities Map
Organizational Map Collaboration Map Talent Map
Ecosystem Map Supply Chain Map Funding Sources Map
Asset Map Marketing Map Technology Assessment Map

These are just a few of the endless possibilities.  No matter what the topic or level of focus, the effectiveness and applicability of our maps remains consistent due to Global Advantage’s Custom Mapping Process™. Colourful and concise, our maps display enormous amounts of vetted quality information in a variety of formats.   Our maps are digital and interactive, leading you to the specific sources of data embedded in the maps. They act as a resource tool, to allow you to attain a “bird’s eye view” of vast amounts of information or zoom into specific areas with the ability to drill down into more detailed source data.  For presentations that will captivate, educate, and persuade your audience, our related and highly visual briefing decks communicate main storylines and our Dancing Data Animations™ (which intergate movement into graphs, charts, and geographic maps) are popular add-ons to our mapping services.

If your progressive fact-driven organization needs to identify and communicate a challenge to be managed, or an opportunity to be developed, please contact us to see how Global Advantage can help to create a map specific to your needs.