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Global Advantage at Research Money 2019

By 10/05/2019July 19th, 2019No Comments

Global Advantage recently completed the analysis of the 2019 Federal Budget, helping to inform the new 2019 Federal R&D Innovation Ecosystem Map, available now in print and through online access.

Our analysis of the budget was presented at the 2019 Research Money conference in Ottawa on April 16th.  Delivered by David Watters, President and CEO, the presentation dug into new initiatives in the budget and looked at the implications for Canada’s innovation ecosystem as we move into an election cycle this year.

Global Advantage distills a 400+ page federal budget down to the most impactful information pertaining to innovation in a number of sectors that drive our national economy. Our team’s extensive background and experience, plus our unique data visualization methodology, make us one of a kind.

For a deeper dive into the 2019 Federal Budget, head over here to get a complete briefing.