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Knowledge Creation in Canada’s North

By 21/07/2020No Comments

Global Advantage Consulting Group recently completed an ecosystem map to situate Polar Knowledge Canada (POLAR) within the complex Arctic and Northern knowledge creation system.

arctic research at the north pole

POLAR is the lead federal agency designed to strengthen Canadian leadership in polar science and technology and promote the development and distribution of knowledge of other circumpolar regions, including the Antarctic.

In a re-assessment of their organizational strategy, and the goal of better identifying how to fulfill their mandate within the broad context of Canadian research and innovation, POLAR sought the help of Global Advantage Consulting Group to construct a comprehensive ecosystem map detailing the nuances of knowledge creation and dissemination in Canada’s northern communities.

Leveraging our in-house Data Engine and a team of dedicated researchers, Global Advantage was able to distill a wide range of information sources in order to create a data-rich, visually appealing, and insightful ecosystem map detailing the flows of funding, people, information, and governance between key stakeholders. See Canada’s Arctic and Northern Knowledge Creation Ecosystem © below.

Canada’s Arctic and Northern Knowledge Creation Ecosystem allows POLAR to engage in greater relational and substantive thinking about the flows of information between structures, the rising stories and trends in Northern affairs, and the key decision-makers and institutions involved.

Canada northern knowledge creation ecosystem

Global Advantage is dedicated to supporting work on Northern Communities and key issues related to the Arctic. We are also keen on tackling climate change, a phenomenon that is critical to understanding and shaping the future of the Canadian north.


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