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Making Maps Digital

By 01/06/2018October 26th, 2018No Comments

Picture this: you’re sitting in a coffee shop with a potential client, perhaps a potential financial supporter.  It’s a nice summer day, so you’ve grabbed a spot on the patio, in the shade.  There’s a light, cool breeze.  Things are going well, and you are looking to describe your organization to them: your inputs of people, money, information, and material resources; your core processes; your management and governance structures; your services and how you deliver them; your customers, partners, and competitors; and the benefits you bring to your ecosystem.

You’ve recently had a beautiful organizational map produced by Global Advantage (an excellent decision, I might add).  It captures all of these, and more, on one page, and is the perfect positioning tool.  But, the paper map is six feet wide and two-and-a-half feet tall; it’s hanging on the wall in your office, and has no place on a coffee shop patio.  Who wants to mess with six feet of paper in the wind on a small table?  And what if you spill coffee on it?  You’ve got a PDF, but it is cumbersome to navigate and doesn’t work well across different devices such as tablets and phones.

What to do?

Global Advantage has the solution for you: our new Digital Maps Tool.  Digital Maps allows you to take your map out with you, on any device, in any location, anywhere with an internet connection.  You can quickly navigate through the key areas of the map, and soon you’ll be able to set up a pre-created presentation to easily take stakeholders through a narrative.

Digital Maps turns your paper map into a workstation: all the links are live, taking you back the original source of the data online.  You can even have multiple maps linked together, and jump between them.  You can create user accounts for multiple people in your organization to individual maps, and even assign temporary access to clients if they want to dig a little deeper themselves.

Digital Maps also keeps your map up to date.  As a SAAS-based service, we’ll work with you to get the data to keep your map current, so you always have the latest picture available at your fingertips, on a laptop, tablet, or even a phone.

Finally, Digital Maps is continually being improved.  We’ve got many cool features planned, including being able to export parts of the map, use data animations from Dancing Data to add more to your depth to your story, and embedding relevant documents and other data to allow you to dive further into your map.

Interested, or perhaps just curious?  Contact Us and we’d be happy to chat about how we could help or how the tool is developing.  We can convert a map that already exists, or design a new one specifically for your organization or department for use on the new Digital Maps Tool.