Decoding Budget 2022 for Science and Innovation


Budget 2022 contains historic investments in R&D and innovation. With $15.4 B proposed over the next two years, this Budget has 209 new initiatives with emphasis on clean growth, affordable housing, productivity and innovation, defence, and Indigenous reconciliation.

Taking the first steps towards transitioning to a clean economy, that means three things: reducing greenhouse gas emissions, growing Canada’s GDP, and all in the context of an increasingly hostile world.

This briefing deck will help your organization understand the impacts of new proposed investments and government funding programs on your sector and other stakeholders within your ecosystem, while identifying potential risks and opportunities to your organization.

Our analysis of the 2022 Federal Budget was presented at the Canadian Science Policy Centre’s 2022 Federal Budget Symposium on April 21st.

Delivered by David Watters, Founder and President, and Omer Kaya, CEO, this presentation briefing deck delves into key new measures outlined in the Budget and their broader implications for Canada’s R&D and innovation ecosystem as the country attempts to transition to a clean economy.