Canada’s Intellectual Property Ecosystem and Performance (2021)


According to Statistics Canada, relatively few Canadian businesses own intellectual property and less own IP abroad. We are also falling behind the rest of the world in the transition to an intangible economy.

To increase its competitiveness and position in global innovation rankings, Canada must increase efforts to commercialize new intellectual property (IP). Get insights into key Canadian IP statistics, stakeholders, and understand where the gaps and opportunities are within this ecosystem.

This comprehensive 112-slide briefing deck contains insights on Canadian IP, including:

  • The national IP landscape in Canada;
  • Federal Government programs and initiatives;
  • IP use by province;
  • IP usage in Canadian universities;
  • IP usage in the Canadian private sector;
  • Foreign ownership of Canadian-owned IP;
  • Types of patents applied for in Canada;
  • Global comparisons of patents;
  • Recommendations on how to increase Canadian competitiveness through an IP lens.


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