Canada’s R&D Innovation Ecosystem Map 2022


Updated for 2022, Canada’s R&D/Innovation Ecosystem Map provides a detailed overview of the key research, innovation, trade, clean growth, jobs and skills, and business measures proposed in the 2022 Federal Budget. It summarizes all key RD/I initiatives in an easy-to-understand, distilled format that allows you to understand its impacts to the overall innovation ecosystem.

We identify all the stakeholders and stakeholder groups in Canada’s RD/I ecosystem, their activities, programs they lead, administer or participate in, as well as the flows of capital, people, information, and materials between them. Stakeholder groups identified include:  

  • Federal, provincial and territorial governments  
  • Federal granting councils 
  • Not-for-profit organizations 
  • Higher education institutions
  • Private sector
  • Household sector
  • Global markets

This updated R&D/Innovation Ecosystem map assists our team in providing tailored briefings to various public and private organizations. These customized briefings include an overview of the R&D/innovation system and its main components, a focused discussion on their area of interest, critical highlights brought to light through the input-output framework, and finally, issues specific to your organization/department. 


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