Canadian Cybersecurity Asset Map (2018-2019)


Canadian Cyber Security Asset Map portraits the existing cyber security landscape in Canada, ascertains challenges and opportunities, and identifies the components required to grow the sector in Canada.

While the map offers a quantification of the asset base of Canada’s cyber security firms, talent, technologies, funding, R&D expenditure, and exports; it also provides a robust analysis of Canada’s critical infrastructure to advise on the opportunities for stakeholders to better align their services with the needs of companies in critical infrastructure sectors. These sectors of critical importance to Canada examined included the aerospace/defence, banking, financing, insurance, public sector, retail, healthcare, IT and telecom, energy and utilities, manufacturing, automotive, and education sectors.

The asset map is useful to support, strengthen, and grow the industry by informing policy and program development and the related responses and actions required by various stakeholders.  Within this broader ecosystem, the map focuses on the province of New Brunswick and its potential to become a cybersecurity cluster of Canada.

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