The Impact of Budget 2021 on the Performance of Canada’s R&D/Innovation Ecosystem


The Canadian government’s 2021 Federal Budget contains unprecedented spending. At $77.6 billion in new spending proposed over the next two fiscal years, it is the largest Budget since World War 2, with as many as 270 initiatives. By comparison, it is 46 times larger than Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party’s fourth Budget in 2015.

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The uncertainties of the COVID-19 recovery, the major new infrastructure and cleantech investments by the Biden administration in an integrated North American economy, and the expectation of a federal election – highlight the need for organizations to think deeply about their strategic plans, identify emerging new risks and opportunities and put in place performance feedback loops and data systems to quickly respond to new priorities.

Our analysis of the 2021 Federal Budget was presented at the Canadian Science Policy Centre’s 2021 Federal Budget Symposium on April 27th.

Delivered by David Watters, President and CEO, and Omer Kaya, VP Research and Business Development, the presentation delved into key new measures outlined in the budget and their broader implications for Canada’s innovation ecosystem as the country works towards an economic recovery post-COVID-19.