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User Experience: Making Software Friendly

By 08/08/2018October 26th, 2018No Comments

User Experience (UX): a buzzword you have probably heard at one time or another. The Oxford Dictionary defines User Experience as  “The overall experience of a person using a product such as a website or computer application, especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use.”. To be a successful software development company in 2018 a positive user experience is crucial. So here is our take on UX.

What makes User Experience so important?

Have you ever felt mentally exhausted trying to navigate software or a website? Do you remember that awful feeling of being flustered and not knowing what to do or where to go next? This feeling is what makes User Experience so important, especially to software companies. A negative user experience when using software makes users frustrated and defeated, and unlikely to return. This is not good for either the company or the user involved. Therefore a positive user experience is what makes both company and customer happy and likely to return. Both sides will benefit from having the company put money and effort into developing a positive user experience in order to keep their users happy.

What makes a positive user experience?

A difficult question. Every software, website or program will require different UX tactics in order to provide a positive user experience. However, there are several ways in order to succeed in having a positive user experience, here a few pointers along your UX path:

  1. Apply UX throughout the whole process

Keeping UX in mind throughout the entire development process is important. Visual Design, UX, and Development all need to work together in order to have the proper user experience.   

  1. Ask for other opinions

If possible ask a Senior User Experience Designer, for their expert opinion.  If this isn’t an option, ask for opinions of others around. Every user may have a different user experience than another so having different opinions is a key point to providing a solid User Experience

  1. Simple is Better

The current trend is “Simple is Better”. Complexity can often be confusing, creating a simple, easy to use design often cannot go wrong.

  1. User Testing

Possibly the most important rule. Before releasing any product, make sure to conduct thorough user testing. Ensuring your software has received feedback and is thoroughly tested before releasing it to the public.

To Conclude…

Here at Global Advantage, we are strong believers of the User Experience process. Ensuring our users are not only appealed to the Visual Design of our software, but also the experience of using the software is important to us. Our Development team has spent many hours developing a positive user experience for our users in order to improve their experience. We value any feedback and recommendations on our software in order to achieve an excellent User Experience.