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Why Can’t AI Research Be Stopped?

The question of whether AI research should be stopped or even slowed down is complex and multifaceted, as it involves the principles of integrity and ethics, as well as societal, economic, and technological considerations. Thus, the debate over whether to stop AI research or slow it down highlights the importance of balancing progress with caution.

Presently, companies cannot stop competing whether they are domestic or internationally competitive.  Why?  Trust.  Basically, there are few rules and no global consensus on addressing how to manage or even regulate the onslaught of AI developments and uses that could be designed to add value to users’ needs or to deceive users for nefarious reasons.

Adding to the conundrum of lack of trust among competing companies, many governments today; notably America, China, the European Union and even Canada, are pouring billions of dollars into AI research and related AI industry development. More broadly these same governments and many others are encouraging businesses to adopt AI for increased efficiencies across operations, planning, research, and customer support, to name a few key areas of potential application and use.

Rather than halting AI research, a more nuanced approach could involve ensuring responsible and ethical development beyond guardrails through robust regulations, international collaborations and coordination, proactive risk assessment, and inclusive policies. By addressing the potential risks and maximizing the benefits, society can harness the transformative power of AI to drive innovation, help solve global challenges such as climate change, and improve quality of life for all and even improve the efficiency and effectiveness of governments, especially democracies.

To stop AI research would simply drive it underground, making it ripe for autocratic governments and criminal actors, perhaps leading to a new dark age in governance and social order.