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2016 Science & Technology Innovation Ecosystem Map

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With the launch Justin Trudeau’s Canadian Federal Budget 2016, Dave Watters completed a thorough assessment of the budget and its impact on the S&T/Innovation Ecosystem. At the same time, a team of Global Advantage consultants revised and updated the data sets that are embedded in the map. The results: fresh data, revised insights and the information necessary for strategic decision-making.

s&tmap - medium

2016 S&T/Innovation Ecosystem Map

With the revised 2016 S&T/Innovation Ecosystem map in hand, our team has been providing briefings to a variety of federal departments. These customized briefings include an overview of how the system works and it’s main components, a focused discussion on their area of interest, key highlights that are brought to light through the input-output framework, and finally, issues specific to the organization/department. In addition to the 60-minute briefing session, the organizations also receive printed copies of the map. A printed copy of the 2016 S&T/Innovation Ecosystem Maps can be purchased for $375.

Dozens of maps have been delivered to federal departments and agencies. As departments put together their plans for Canada’s Innovation Agenda, an understanding of the overall system and each department’s role provides insights that are required to move forward. This system perspective allows for more comprehensive understanding of the flows, relationships, and dependencies.