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Dancing Data Ready For Beta Testers

By 27/09/2018October 26th, 2018No Comments

Global Advantage’s in-house software development team has been hard at work for the past several months refining our data animation software, Dancing Data, so that it is useable to the general public.  Originally created as a tool for our own data presentation purposes in partnership with Algonquin College’s Applied Research of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Dancing Data software received such positive feedback that GA (Global Advantage) decided to carry the product further and hired its own software development team. Today GA is pleased to announce that Dancing Data, new and improved, is ready to release a beta version. We are reaching out for a limited time to the public for Beta Testers. Animate your own data sets and give us your feedback! 

What is Dancing Data?

With the ever-increasing need to communicate complex ideas in little time, presented data needs to be uniquely visualized to grab your audience’s attention. Dancing Data is our data animation tool that combs through big data and helps you create visualizations that “dance” to capture your audience and make an impact immediately. Our Dancing Data tool transforms multidimensional data into informative and compelling animations allowing for information to be effectively and efficiently communicated.  Read more here.

What to expect as a Beta Tester?

Over the last several months we have made several updates to our Dancing Data software, including a new design and features like uploading, saving and fetching graphs. Dancing Data will now allow you to store visualizations and datasets on your created account. This allows you to access your visualization from anywhere with internet access. As a Beta Tester, we ask that you test out the software and report back to us any issues or problems you experience. We will give you a walkthrough of what to do when you contact us. This is a positive experience for both Beta Tester and Global Advantage.  

How would you benefit from being a Beta Tester?

Being a Beta Tester is free! For a limited time, now is your chance for free use of the software. According to BetaBound here are  7 reasons you should become a Beta Tester!

  1. You learn about new technologies (before anyone else)

You will be the first public Beta Testers for Dancing Data so take advantage of this opportunity.

      2. You contribute to the quality of the products you enjoy

We value your feedback and would love to hear how we can improve our product.

       3. You enhance your professional and personal knowledge

Not the most technology savvy? Here is a chance to enhance your skills!

       4. You can network with people who share similar interest

Interested in data visualizations? You can relate to others doing similar things.

       5. You’re part of an exclusive community of testers

You can now label yourself as a “Beta Tester”.

     6. You can earn free products and other opportunities

Potential future opportunities for Beta Testers!

     7. You have fun

Who wouldn’t want to!?!

If you are interested in becoming a Beta Tester, please fill out this form or contact for more information! We will reach out to you with instructions shortly.  


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