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Examining NRC’s Research and Programs Amidst an Innovation Agenda

By 01/05/2017September 7th, 2018No Comments

Global Advantage was asked to work with NRC to examine and assess the role of the NRC’s research and related programs in the context of the Canadian Innovation Ecosystem, in order to identify the NRC’s unique value proposition, and whether a rebalancing of its research and related activities is needed in relation to new federal priorities and opportunities.

The National Research Council of Canada has been in a process of transformation, making important changes to improve its support for industrial research and technology development. In support of this continued renewal and to advance the new federal Innovation Agenda, the current state of the NRC is being examined in four areas identified in the Mandate Letter for NRC’s new President: Innovation Support; Engagement; Governance; and Management. Within the Dialogue initiative inside the NRC, seven “tiger teams” are assessing these issue areas. The examination of the role and appropriate balancing of NRC’s research and related programs will be assessed in this broader context.

This opportunity also aligns with many ongoing federal reviews and policy initiatives, including: a review of fundamental science; the afore-mentioned new Innovation Agenda promised for Budget 2017 including $800M for the development of economic networks and clusters; a new federal position of Chief Science Officer; a review of trade strategy and policy including foreign direct investment; a new pan-Canadian framework on climate change and clean growth, as well as ambitious global targets for GHG reductions; a new federal-provincial Health Accord and funding; and a review of tax policy.