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Forest Sector Global Comparison and Visualizations

By 19/04/2017September 7th, 2018No Comments

Our objective is to compare, through visualizations, charts, graphs, and other visual methods, trends in Canada’s Forest Sector innovation performance with trends in leading countries globally, primarily through investment in R&D and innovation, but also including public policy, trade policy, programs, associations and business structures, and international agreements.

Canada’s forest sector has always been of strategic importance of our country’s economy, and central to our country’s culture; forests cover over a third of our land area. However, the increase in electronic products has brought about a decline in the use of paper, and as such the forest industry in Canada has begun a transformation towards new, innovative processes and products, including new and stronger building materials and procedures, innovative household products like toothpaste, and chemical products such as coatings for LCD screens and biofeuls.

While the sector executes this transition, a comparison of its performance to its global competitors is an opportunity to find both strengths and weaknesses, and look for areas to build upon and to improve, as well as where alignment can be found with international customers and competitors.