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Hohoho! We’ve got a lot on the go!

By 14/12/2018December 18th, 2018No Comments

Global Advantage has been busy hustling to get our festive newsletter polished, with a special feature of animated data on Santa’s stats, due to be released next week.  We’ve also been wrapping up projects and sending new exciting proposals.  Our Tech Team has been pushing forward with our three software development projects.  Our administration team has been working on submissions to remain a pre-approved vendor to the Canadian Government under Task and Solution Professional Services (TSPS) approved for Tier 1 and Tier 2, for both Supply Arrangement and Standing Offer.  In short, our office has the atmosphere of Santa’s North Pole workshop!

Recently Delivered Projects

  • Genome Canada Review and Strategy
  • BC Innovation Map and Deck
  • Global Investment Attraction Economic Development Master Plan for Niagara Region
  • NRC Technology Demonstration Adoption Centres Analysis
  • DRDC AI Innovation Ecosystem Map and Deck
  • NRCan Upstream Forest Research Map
  • NRCan Disruptive Technologies in the Natural Resources Sector Report
  • CMC Microsystems Strategic Review


Projects We’re Working On

For Clients

  • CADSI Canada’s Cyber Defence and Security Innovation Ecosystem
  • CAPRI Map and Deck
  • Cyber NB Canadian Cyber Security Asset Map

Internal Projects

  • Holiday Newsletter!
  • Digital Maps for our eStore
  • Dancing Data software
  • Data Engine for resource storage
  • Cannabis Sector Map