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Holiday Newsletter

By 20/12/2018December 21st, 2018No Comments

Santa’s Stats

Our most famous client, Santa Claus, has asked us to make use of the stats his IT elves have been collecting and we have turned them into a data visualization for his strategic planning purposes.

Employing our in-house built Dancing Data software, we have animated the data set that includes: toy requests (y-axis), quantity of toy production (x-axis),  dollar value of toys (size of bubble), by type of toy (category displayed in Legend), over the past five years.

Santa was surprised by the toy demand increase since 2012 and now knows he needs to hire 10% more elves to keep up for next year!

If you wish to know more about your company, our research, analytics and data visualizations can help.  Please contact us.

A Year In Review

2018 has been another great year working with our talented team on several exciting projects.

A few photos (from top left to right clockwise): photoshoot for website update in April; 2018 Budget Update Insights event at University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management in March; our Tech Team at OCE Discovery in May; our 2018 Canada’s R&D and Innovation Ecosystem Map; Christmas party this December at Peter Devine’s.

Ho Ho Ho! We’ve got a lot on the go!

Global Advantage has been wrapping up projects and sending out new exciting proposals.  Our Tech Team has been pushing forward with our three software development projects.  Our administration team has been working on submissions to remain a pre-approved vendor to the Canadian Government under Task and Solution Professional Services (TSPS) approved for Tier 1 and Tier 2, for both Supply Arrangement and Standing Offer.  In short, our office has the atmosphere of Santa’s North Pole workshop!

Recently Delivered Projects

Projects We’re Working On

For Clients

Internal Projects

  • Digital Maps for our eStore
  • Dancing Data software
  • Data Engine for resource storage
  • Cannabis Sector Map

Our 2019 Canada R&D Innovation Ecosystem Map is available for Pre-Order in digital and print versions. Order now

A Holiday Sampling of Our Blog

Similar to a wine tasting, we offer you a sampling of our blog articles to satisfy your appetite for well-written and short reads during the holidays.  Authored by Global Advantage’s research analysts, our posts cover a variety of current topics and offer fresh insight.  Below are three “tastings”.  Enjoy!

1.The Benefits of Trade Diversification

This year, trade diversification has become a hot topic, specifically in Canada. Have some fun looking at the unique representation of trade data using our Dancing Data software!… Read more

2. Paul Romer Article
Yes, sustainable growth is what the world needs. Here is the theory of long-run growth by Paul Romer… Read more

3.Thinking of the Future: 5 Jobs to be Created by AI

Here at GA, we are pumped about the future of technology Read more

Global Advantage can help you understand your network and ecosystem to optimize your organiztion’s impact.

We can be reached by email or give us a call at (613) 692-8383. Visit our website

A little present for data lovers: Check out these Stats Can holiday datasets here.

 Many thanks to our clients and staff.
We wish you Happy Holidays!