Canada’s Arctic and Northern Knowledge Creation Ecosystem (2020)


The Arctic and northern research and funding landscape is diverse, with many key players, from government, non-government organizations, northern and Indigenous organizations, academia, communities, and more.

Canada’s Arctic and Northern Creation Ecosystem, produced for Polar Knowledge Canada, is an analysis of the research and funding landscape of the Arctic.  This map is a comprehensive tool revealing the flows of funding, people, information, and governance involved in the nuances of knowledge creation and dissemination in Canada’s northern communities.

Our analysis of the ecosystem includes:

  • Key stakeholders involved in Arctic and northern knowledge creation
  • Funding elements across the Arctic
  • Flows of funding, information, people; and materiel between partnerships, research units and other stakeholders

Stakeholder groups included in the analysis of Arctic and northern knowledge creation include:

  • Indigenous peoples and governance
  • Federal, provincial/territorial, and municipal governments
  • Research institutions
  • Regulatory, planning and stewardship bodies
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • International collaborations
  • Cultural heritage organizations

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