Canada’s Climate Change Science Ecosystem Briefing Deck (2021)


This 105 slide deck is in support of Canada’s Climate Change Science Ecosystem (2022)

The Earth’s climate is warming. As a result, scientific consensus indicates that diverse forms of knowledge such as Indigenous ways of knowing, engineering and natural sciences, economic, health and political systems, new technologies, governance and social policy, and community-level adaptation and mitigation solutions provide important information on the causes of climate change, how to reduce its impacts and transition to a low-carbon resilient society.

Climate change science refers to a cross-domain approach incorporating natural science, political, technological and social links to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, mitigate against the warming of the Earth’s atmosphere and adapt to a changing climate.

Canada’s Climate Change Science Ecosystem Briefing Deck (2021)  demonstrates the relationships between major stakeholder groups in Canada’s climate change science ecosystem and the functions that stakeholder groups play.  

With this deck, you and your team will get essential insights on the Canadian stakeholders who fund, produce, synthesize, mobilize, and/or use climate change science or knowledge, as well as be able to see the connections that exist between them.

The information contained in this deck include:

  • A comprehensive look at federal, provincial, municipal, and Indigenous climate change science programs and initiatives 
  • Granting council funding towards climate change science 
  • Areas of research conducted by higher education institutions in climate change science 
  • Not-for-profits (environmental NGOs, multi-stakeholder groups, think tanks, Indigenous representation groups) that are engaged in climate change  
  • Key private sector groups engaged in climate change science and best practices for convening stakeholders