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Global Advantage Consulting offers a variety of services customized to your organization’s needs, with top-notch consultants experienced in policy, disruptive technologies, defence and other innovative sectors, in combination with a high-caliber team of research analysts and graphic design talent.

Research and Analytics

The potential for complex data to be misunderstood requires solutions to help you make sense of the convoluted and illustrate the facts in easily comprehensible packages to your team and leadership.  

Gathering, capturing, and organizing relevant data is the first step to any solid strategy.  With quantitative and qualitative rigour, our team captures granular details, as well as the big picture.   

Information synthesis allows us to recognize trends and “hear the story the data is telling us”.  Often times, our research and analytics is formatted into an Ecosystem map, however decks, dashboards, and reports are an option as well.  

Our research and data analysis expertise allows you to see the big picture and tell your story.  

Strategic Consulting

Demonstrating your organization’s value to stakeholders is a key component of justifying what you do and what you bring to the table. Our review of your organization’s plans, priorities and programs enables you to evaluate your milestones and achievements and communicate your value to the right audience. Our analysis also helps you plan and prepare for any potential challenges down the road that might hinder your organization’s ability to reach milestones. 

Our work has helped clients: 

  • Apply for funding 
  • Build collaboration networks 
  • Design new support services
  • Devise performance measurement frameworks 
  • Plan and prepare for future scenarios  
Data Visualization

Our products (ecosystem maps, briefing decks, and more) distill complex information down to the most essential and relevant advice for your organization’s purposes. Excellent for strategy and decision-making or communicating evidence when seeking funding, our products are well-known for their clean layout and fresh graphic design elements that facilitate successful communication.

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2022 Budget Map

2022 Budget Ecosystem Summary

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COVID-19 Ecosystem Map

COVID-19’s effect on the Canadian Ecosystem.

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