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Cyber Security

Approximately 20% of Canadian businesses reported being impacted by cybersecurity incidents in 2019, according to Statistics Canada. However, more than 80% of Canadian businesses do not have policies in place to protect against cyber threats, leaving their important data vulnerable to attacks .

Global Advantage Consulting Group has extensive capabilities in providing advice and strategic guidance to organizations in the area of cybersecurity, and can assist your organization understand the key players in Canadian cybersecurity and the gaps and opportunities in the ecosystem.

We have worked on projects such as:

  • Developed and presented an analysis, report and visualization of the Canadian Cyber Security Ecosystem including the provision of a comprehensive database listing of all cyber related firms and their key personnel
  • A report on the size, structure and issues facing the Canadian cyber security ecosystem, including data visualizations and lessons learned that could be applied towards other ecosystem analysis to improve approaches and outreach.
  • A comprehensive analysis of the quantum-safe/post-quantum cryptography talent and labour market.
  • A jurisdictional review and development of a “Canadian Cybersecurity Asset Map” to better understand the existing cybersecurity landscape in Canada, and identify corresponding challenges and opportunities, including components that can advance the sector in New Brunswick.
  • An Ecosystem Map identifying the asset base Canada has in cyber defence and security across all major stakeholders including cyber research, skills and talent pool, infrastructure, programs, and policies
  • A report identifying government-industry collaboration models (e.g., institutions, programs, councils, or other fora) in other countries (including Five-Eyes, Israel and select NATO countries) that enable effective cyber defence and security of the nation.
  • Developed a subsequent report called to identify rapid procurement models or programs in other countries for advanced or disruptive technologies, especially in the cyber defence domain, that meet the urgent needs of their public sector institutions, particularly in the area of defence and security

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Dr. Camille Boulet

Senior Partner

Dr. Camille Boulet has extensive experience in defence and security S&T, strategy, industry collaboration, and public policy in Canada, the United States, and NATO. His 30 year career at DRDC began as a defence scientist specializing in CBRN research and ended as Chief of Staff (ADM S&T), with many successes including the conception and implementation of the IDEaS program. Cam was awarded the United States of America Secretary of Defense Medal for Exceptional Public Service (2018). He holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from University of Victoria, British Columbia, and a B.Sc. in Pharmacy from the University of Alberta. Cam completed his National Securities Studies (nss) course at Canadian Forces College, Toronto, Ontario.

Michael Rowell

Lead Research Analyst

Michael Rowell is a lead research analyst at Global Advantage Consulting Group. Contributing in various capacities since June 2020, he has a Masters in Global Politics from the London School of Economics and Political Science, along with a Joint-Honours bachelor’s in Political Science and History from McGill University.