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Internship in Review: More than just research and analysis

After working for the government in my first CO-OP work term, I was determined to expand my horizons and gain experience in the private sector as well. Browsing through the largely public-sector offerings of the CO-OP navigator, one firm finally caught my attention – Global Advantage Consulting Group.  

I have now spent four months at Global Advantage, and I can easily say that the attention was warranted.  

Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics and economics at University of Ottawa, there is no doubt my experience at GACG was relevant to my field of study – my understanding of Canada’s economy increased tremendously. However, what truly made my experience unique were the opportunities I had to learn about new fields; converting topics I once ignored into issues I now look forward to reading about and incorporating into my career. Topics such as Canadian innovation weren’t exactly on my mind before this summer, but I am now leaving Global Advantage with comprehension of Canada’s innovation ecosystem, cleantech sector, intellectual property performance, and much more, allowing me to appreciate Canadian and foreign economies from new perspectives.   

As a Research Analyst my job was, naturally, to research and analyze, but the skills I have acquired in the role extend beyond what my title suggests. Among countless other things, I learned how to provide value to clients, the importance of a clearly defined project, as well as Global Advantage’s greatest advantage – visualization. I was able to develop these skills by undertaking an array of interesting projects, each requiring a different approach and set of skills. 

The blog posts I wrote, the databases I designed and assembled, the presentation decks I produced, and the ecosystem maps I updated amass to one of the most enlightening experiences I have had as a university student thus far. 

Thank you, Daniel and Michael, for your mentorship, it was an absolute pleasure working with you. And thank you, Omer, for your guidance in various projects, your advice is greatly appreciated, and I will carry it throughout my career.  


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