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Quantum Technologies

Canada is among the leading nations globally in quantum research. By 2030, economists project that our quantum technology industry will be valued at $8.2 billion, employ 16,000 people and generate $3,5 billion in taxable returns for the government. The Federal Government has recognized this strength by announcing $254 M over five years to launch a National Quantum Strategy that will grow and develop homegrown quantum-ready technologies and companies. 

With major hubs in Sherbrooke, QC, and Waterloo, ON, Canada’s industry-orientated quantum capabilities exhibit wider expertise in quantum computing, sensing and quantum cryptography. Nearly 50 quantum technology companies are based in Canada, and are poised to make impacts in the areas of defence and security, IT, health and speciality sensing, metrology, finance and more. 

Global Advantage Consulting Group has conducted extensive research to produce reports and databases that reveal the state of Canada’s quantum research ecosystem and identify major stakeholders, gaps and opportunities.    

Past projects include:

Our Experts

Dr. Camille Boulet

Senior Partner

Michale Rowell

Lead Research Analyst

Rustam Nurbekov

Research Analyst