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What I learned during my summer internship working from home

summer student internship working from homeThis year has been unexpected in many ways –  back in January, I couldn’t have predicted the public health crisis that would emerge in the upcoming months. In March, my undergrad classes were moved online due to the pandemic, and although I graduated in April there was no graduation ceremony this year. In June, I was able to join the Global Advantage Consulting Group team as a summer intern working completely from home, which under other circumstances I might not have thought possible, since Global Advantage is based in Ottawa and I live in a small town north of Toronto.

As a data analyst for Global Advantage, the projects I worked on always kept me engaged and learning something new.  These projects covered a variety of topics such as pandemic preparedness, cybersecurity, manufacturing digitization, and supply chain technologies. As I begin my Master of Public Health at the University of Guelph, this exposure to various topics has really helped me to see how public health is impacted by so many different areas – from government investments in pandemic surveillance to healthcare supply chains.

Global Advantage’s expertise in creating ecosystem maps also taught me how to better understand problems through a systems-thinking perspective, which will definitely be applicable in analyzing Canada’s public health system throughout my Master’s and in my career.

Although I never had the chance to meet my colleagues in person, I still was able to learn a lot from them across their different areas of expertise. I also had the opportunity to attend Dave’s Digital Café, a weekly webinar in which various policy areas are discussed, from the environment to public health to city infrastructure.

Throughout the summer, I really loved the variety of learning opportunities, whether through working on projects, attending Dave’s Digital Café, or discussing with colleagues. My time as an intern has taught me to always keep learning, and I’m grateful to the Global Advantage team for making this summer such a positive and rewarding experience!


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