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Internship at GA An Unforgettable Experience

By 04/05/2022No Comments

How time flies! 16 weeks went by just in a flash, today is my last day with Global Advantage Consulting Group. I am so grateful that I could complete my first CO-OP term here with GACG, an amazing team with very lovely members.

During this 4-month internship, I received a strong sense of involvement in the team. Throughout the term, I’ve participated in several projects and have learned a lot from them. My very first task was analyzing the new federal Ministerial Mandate Letters; I collected the key initiatives, categorized them according to certain criteria and developed summary analysis based on my findings. I learned a better sense of how findings are derived from a large amount of data.

The next project I worked on was a comprehensive analysis of Canada’s tobacco cessation ecosystem for Health Canada. I remember the excitement on my team lead Daniel’s face when he told me about this project, which is also the reason why I love this team so much – everyone is passionate about what they are doing. This is the project in which I learned how each Ecosystem Map – is built.

In this project, I conducted research of the public and private sector related to tobacco cessation and participated in building the map through Microsoft Visio. I learned how to research topics more precisely and efficiently and gained proficiency in using Visio.

The next project I worked on analyzed China’s 14th Five-Year Plan on Science and Technology Innovation. I was so glad that I could have a chance to work on something that is related to my home country.

I looked into Beijing and Tianjin Municipal Plan, identified the main foci in each plan and wrote summaries of each. I also helped with language translation during this process since there were files only available in Mandarin. It was challenging, but I really enjoyed doing it.

From this project, I learned how to extract information accurately and efficiently from documents with a lot of content, and I also learned how to make presentations clearer and more direct to clients, which will definitely benefit me in my future study and work.

After this project, I also got a chance to contribute to the analysis of Budget 2022, which was released in early April. Conducting analysis of the Budget gave me more of a sense of being close to real-world events as they happen.

At GACG, I got so many chances to take part in various projects and I learned something new every time. I also learned a lot from all of my colleagues. Thank you so much for having me as an intern for the past four months. This is definitely going to be one of my unforgettable experiences in my life.


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